Its been a long time since I've updated and a lot has happened. I now live in phoenix,still with my honey almost 4 years come February, woot! But lately I feel as if I have just hit a wall and I can't get around it. I have worked at Target for almost 4 years and I have spent a larger part of it as a team leader in Phoenix. It has been a love-hate rollercoaster with quite a lot of stress throughout. As of late though its been a lot of hate with little to no love involved. I feel as if my superiors have forgotten that their subordinates are people and just forged ahead in a quest for unrealistic results. They have slowly hacked our schedules down to skeleton crews with the expectation of perfection. Oddly enough, their desired results haven't been obtained so they are putting even more pressure on us to push ourselves and the team even harder. As most humans we all have a breaking a point and I feel many of us have or are close to reaching it. Now, I realize that most people don't love their job but to dread going there the night before is clear indication that something is wrong. So on that note I have decided there is a need to effect a change in my life and pursue a new career. However, this is where I have lost my way. Today I sat down with the intent of starting with the foundation of any new career pursuit...the resume. Previously writing a resume was a cinch for me. I am able to really talk myself up and be proud of my work. When I tried to earlier I couldn't think of a damn thing to say about myself. I would start a sentence and realize I had no idea of where it was going. I looked at templates for help but nothing came to me like it usually does. When it comes to writing professionally I do it almost everyday. My job requires me to write about my progress and business plans quite a lot. I have also helped my peers quite a lot in writing their plans and really making them sound great. Now I am here and needing that skill more than ever and I have no words. I feel like someone damned up my thoughts and left me to flop around like a fish out of water. A part of me is scared to step out of the comfort of my job, which I can pretty much do on auto-pilot anymore. I think that part is stopping me from moving forward and moving on. But there is the other part of me that knows I need to get out of this toxic job situation. I need to just look deep inside myself and find the confidence to take a big step and make this change. I feel that if I don't soon I am going to do something stupid and lose my job. I can only bite my tongue so much before it begins to bleed.