Tonight I was prompted with the thought of how to measure happiness in life. It was brought on by my asshole of a roommate during a very heated and therapeutic battle royale. He told me that because he goes to school he is going to be successful and happy and I am going to be nothing but shit. Now I realize that having lots of money and a fancy job can bring happiness, but does it last? I work at a Target overnight making enough money to get by and some. However, I am very happy with my life. Should I be unhappy because I don't have my mommy and daddy forking out dough so I can go to school on their dime? Should I be miserable because I don't have a piece of paper saying I am a professional? I know I am not unhappy due to my lack of a degree. I enjoy the jobs I've taken on and find contentment in my life. I have a wonderful, supportive boyfriend for starters. I think the fact that I have such a great relationship is considered success to me, considering how long a lot of relationships last anymore. Secondly, I look at all the people in my life who haven't gone to school and where they are in life. There's my sister who didn't go to college yet she has a great marriage and two beautiful children. To me she has accomplished a great thing in her life. Making life is a wonderful achievement, money can't bring that kind of joy. I look at David's brother who didn't go to school and yet he is happy in life. He has a good job, a great partner, and has created happiness in his life. I see many people around me who are non-college degree holders and see where they have gone in life. The way I see it is that though I didn't finish college I know I am a decent person and have done a lot in my 25 years of life. I don't regret not finishing and look back at the experience with a great amount of pride. My experiences in life have molded me into who I am. Unlike him, I am a decent human being with common sense and good heart. Whereas he, college or not, is a self-centered child with no grasp of hard work or the ability to think of anyone but himself. In retrospect, I see myself as better off than him. I've seen the real world and live it everyday. The good and the bad I take in stride and keep going. I am successful because I am happy. I achieve what I want everyday I wake up. That to me is wonderful, I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.