Its been almost a year and a half since I moved to Flagstaff from Michigan. The time spent here has been a wonderful and interesting experience to say the least. I have met my David who makes everyday magical and I have a job full of people who are a blast to be around. My only gripe up here is my living situation. I currently share an apartment with my boyfriend and these two spoiled children. They are so naive to how the real world is and function with the attitude the world and everyone in it owes them something. That kind of attitude drives me nuts and I would love nothing more than to watch them fall flat with a hard dose of reality. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening anytime soon. Living with them has been fight after fight, most of which is about stupid shit that any normal roommates would have no problems with. Per example, Nicole (the man in the relationship), believes David is screwing her on the utility bills and will only pay if she has copies of them. Now we have lived together for seven months now and that was never a problem up until a few weeks ago. Apparently, she meant to be making copies all along but just plain forget. Yea....I am so sure that's the case. Her reasoning is that she needs to see where her money is going. The only problem is its just mommy and daddy's money not hers. Next up on the plate is Nigel (Nicole's bitch and indentured servant). He is 19 with the demeanor of a spoiled 5 year old, which by the way he admitted to in a fight several weeks back, total comedic gold that one was. He has a tendency to throw fits when we do what he wants or agree with him. The tension in this place is almost palpable with Nigel stomping around and Nicole well....just being herself. I am quite tired of living with little kids who spent the previous parts of their lives being handed everything on a silver platter.

All that being said is only a taste of the essence of that evil but I have no desire to continue polluting my page with their rot. So David and I have decided that once again we would like to move and get away from this crap. Were hoping to do it soon, living with two people who won't say a word edge-wise but continue to use your crap does stink. Here is hoping all that good kharma comes into play and we find jobs and a place down there!