I have to wonder if perhaps I am better off just being alone. I have been looking back on my past relationships in reflection as of late. I have come to the realization that all of them have just fallen to crap. I can't exactly figure out the common denominator between them all though. Obviously there is no true theme as to why they all ended. Whether it was cheating, simply falling out of love with me and in love with their best friend, or just wanting to be friends. I truly believe that gay men are more unpredictable than women. I find that girls may be manipulative at times but at least they seem to know what they want. Whereas guys just make attempt to figure that out and jerk you around in the process. I am more than likely coming off as bitter, however that is not how I feel. I'm simply looking at this from an observational standpoint based on my past experiences. I have dated quite a bit over the past two years and the guys who have all been different all share a common theme....they don't know what they want. It drives me up the wall when someone isn't sure if they are ready to be in a relationship. Its my belief if you are not sure you are ready to be in a relationship you shouldn't even consider dating. In my opinion, if you aren't sure you about it you should work out whatever issues you have before dragging another person into your life. As per my experiences, I date people who might want more and then wait a few weeks to just dump you and want to be friends. It seems so easy to just throw those words and expect some switch to just be flicked and make it all wonderful. Just to forget being more than friends and chill together immediately afterwards. Guys can be so confusing, it seems the only option is to remain single and stay unconfused.