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A place to drop off my thoughts.

1 March 1984
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I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona about 3 months ago. I left Michigan after only 9 months and came here by both train and hitchhiking. I have been enjoying myself fairly much since coming here. I got a job working overnight at Target after only 2 weeks of looking around. I am a very passionate person which carries into all aspects of my life. From the work I do to my writing and dating as well. I always put my best into all I do and enjoy putting my energy into helping anyone I can. I like keeping things simple and take a minimalistic approach to my life in general. I think of myself as a hopeless romantic and hope to someday find love again. So far my pursuits have yielded poor results but I stay somewhat optimistic. I use my journal to dump all the thoughts out of my head. Much of what I write is just ramblings and rants but its my therapy to keep me from going insane. I don't claim to write anything world shattering and don't really care how it sounds. My thoughts tend to pile up very quickly as I spend a lot of time thinking.